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Sunday, October 19, 2008


( distorted on purpose sorry.)

Well I Just wanted to post my excitement on passing my COA independent study, I'm now waiting on the date via mail for the big test day! Wish me luck!

sew what

Today's Sunday & I am really going to enjoy my day today. I'm working the next 6 days straight ugh! So to start, I used these photos to inspire my new project or one project that is coming to an end it is an old trunk rehab. I've scrapped all the old paint off, sanded the old rusty metal details and handle and took out the old paper lining . I've made some fabric up to line the inside with also some vintage wall paper to go in the inside bottom portion & all with some really nice fabric/ribbon trim. I need a new sewing machine in the worst way. My sister is the only one who can really get it going right...(wish you were here) So that has been my biggest delay. Anyway Gregg just ground some fresh Starbucks coffee beans (thank you mom for those!) well off to get some caffeine, chit chat time, eggs.toast.bacon time & then trunk time! Happy Sunday all!
PS mom do remember (going back 18years or so) the push pin tomato... we had it way back on orchard rd it was in the sewing kit in the first floor bath linen closet... third photo will remind you :) I'm pretty sure that sewing basket kit started my curiosity for all sewing crafts. (there were also endless textile markets you & Nana dragged me to, I still remember the smell there...funny how now I beg for the company at those places)...once a nag always a nag ;)
PPS gregg just crushed my childhood memory & told me everyone had a tomato push pin! well my coffee is getting cold...what a meanie-boom-ba-leanie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


its back
table top day.
hope everyone
had a great
almost at the hump.
til next

Monday, October 13, 2008

sticks & stones

I was out side in the back yard sitting at the patio set putting my wreath together, Henry at my feet chewing on a stick & Oscar laying on his back in the sun. I filled a ceramic pumpkin with ribbon, wire and scissors to help shape this wreath that didn't really get the time i wanted to give it...better to come. Its so peaceful and I start to really enjoy my day as I said lots of p&q today! Well the wreath goes up on the door, I do a load of laundry, then back to the yard to start a new project....I go to my car to get something and notice my passenger door is left slightly open, my glove box is open and spilled all into the seat and floor...then coach clutch with my i.d., money, etc.....GONE! Someone broke into my car last night! this is the worst feeling ever way to ruin ones day, huh? So report has been filed and nothing else to do than go back and try to enjoy the day....


A nice Monday off. I'm home alone, Shep had to work. Yesterday we had a great day and after all that, we came home & did some yard work, those leaves are starting to fall hard! My flowers are still in full bloom...sadly wonder how long that will be. Halloween deco came out and is put up, window boxes are back and something to look at. Last detail added after our grocery run last night...PUMPKINS! We haven't got the big one for the door step yet but I will post a photo of the house with the window boxes full of greens & pumpkins later. I'm off now to make a wreath, i collected different things along our hike yesterday...which the dogs are still tired from -- couldnt ask for any more p&q around here today!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


That was very touching, sad and sweet all in will always be my queen bee and I mean that in a positive way....although sometimes i would like to shake you, smile. I think deep down you know all you need to do to get where you want to get but are afraid to take that leap. sometimes things need to be rough really rough to get where you need to be. Hope this helped and by the way if you didn't know that is my fav song.
Queen Mother are my girl today, yesterday and always....remember that!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

queen bee

Today's theme. Strangely this is how my day was themed. I felt very stubborn today, I know I am a stubborn person...its just my personality. But today ugh I was stubborn! I was told I'm a princess this morning and always get my way, this afternoon I was told to get off my throne and then this evening my mom gave me a new charm for my Pandora that was a queen bee (silver bee with a gold crown.) Yet all these statements took place in three different locations with three different people. I felt like a joke was being played on me or some how all these people had talked to each other and are conspiring against me? Strange day. Today I feel stuck. Today I feel ready for things to change and start. Today I want the fairytale ending. I'm 25. Ring, white dress, country home, audi wagon, kids, soccer mom, crafts, bedtime stories, feetsie pj's. I had a break down on my turning 25. Where am I. Who am I. What is in store for me. & today I relived that same moment I had on may 19th. I'm ready for something new, somewhere new and some... new. All new but with the shabby chicness of the old. I've started a few things that have been started before and then put on the back burner. This time around I think they will be followed through on. Well only time will tell. I hate time. its always going by too fast, that's how this all started when did I get here and 25!?! Are you a queen bee? I wish I were the queen everyone thinks I am. Cross your fingers with luck for me, I need the new that I'm looking for.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Just as the Summer crowd dies down... Plymouth harbor gets one more wild run before the winter turns everyone away -- the Thanksgiving crowd. Buses are pulling up to the harbor daily, people pouring out to see "the rock" & mayflower. Shots of the very popular attractions from the ocean.

comfy cozy

new oct catalog out at my fav store...just in time for what i'm looking for.
physically too i brain won't stop...ok back to bed again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


a few weeks ago shep and i went up north to relax and putt around town. here are a few snap shots of things that i saw along our walk. starting by, we love getting breakfast at are usual spot, walking the boardwalk, admiring all the brick buildings and walk ways and of course stopping at oldies for neat whimsical finds.

in the end as this boat was so cleverly named "joint decision".