Monday, August 3, 2009

to do's

My list is slowly getting smaller. The big move happened this past weekend, I've officially slept at my new city apartment. I'm in love. Jake & Henry enjoyed their time in Brophy park yesterday... maybe Jake more so than Henry. Henry sat on a park bench like a little man with his buddy Gregg. Jake played with his 2new girlfriends & rolled around in the grass for hours.

Leaving Newbury comes with great emotion. Its bittersweet. I've lived on my own for the first time there & learned so much about myself. Now, all that stands in my old 1770's farm house are my two blue ladies wing chairs & a shabby old tall dresser. Time to go back and tie up some loose ends then its on to the next chapter.

Sunday Newburyport had a festive parade down our main historic street. We sat out on our farmers porch and watched on all the festivities as they went by. It was like our own farewell tribute... I felt torn the whole time I watched on. Do I really want to give this up, my heart felt heavy. Getting back to the city last night things lightened up and I started to feel some excitement, those "what if's" past by.

My Newbury "to do's"
  • wing chairs & dresser to Boston.
  • remaining dishes & glassware to Boston.
  • old coffee & end table to Moms barn.
  • cut some fresh flowers from yard & bring to my new kitchen.
  • empty storage area in barn, bring old vintage sofa to Moms for its rehab project.
  • wash floors.
  • take photos of my favorite things I leave behind.

My Boston "to do's"

  • hang tall shutters in living rm windows (best flea market find ever!)
  • rearrange living rm furniture & organize book case.
  • set up my office area & organize arts/crafts stufffff.
  • touch up antique white paint on hutch & buffet table.
  • put glass knobs on tall dresser & buffet table.
  • arrange kitchen cabinets! ugh
  • set up phone & Internet asap
  • stop & smell the fresh cut flowers.
  • unpack shoes & clothes... can't wait, I have two big closets to fill =)

The crossed off things far out do the "to do's", thank god. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... fingers crossed.

pictures to follow