Friday, March 27, 2009

in with the old

working on the home front today. spring is at our door, time to clean. love this saying from WWII that was posted in the UK by the government around the country during bombings, in an effort to help lift spirits. It hangs in two places here & I often make it my motto of the day.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

photohunt 154: yellow

Yellow - It came to me just in time this am. Henry (my dog) and I were out in the yard when I remembered the 2 grave stones next to our barn that had YELLOW moss (?) growing on them. So, VOILA - here is my take on yellow!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009


i heart my mini Keurig & <3 my new dish set from mom

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

unfortunate mishap

martha with paw paw (above)
paw paw's grandson, ghengis khan pup (below)

LEHIGHTON, Pa. – Martha Stewart's chow puppy was one of 17 dogs killed in a propane explosion at an eastern Pennsylvania kennel.

The domestic maven wrote on her blog that she was "deeply saddened" by the death of her dog, Ghengis Khan, in Friday's blast at Pazzazz Pet Boarding, a kennel in the Pocono Mountains that breeds and trains show dogs.

Fifteen dogs were killed in the explosion, and two more died over the weekend.

The kennel was getting a propane delivery when the tank ignited, setting the pens on fire and injuring the driver, Timothy Kleinhagen, of Summit Hill.

Though badly burned, Kleinhagen managed to toss a cairn terrier over the kennel fence to safety. He was listed in critical condition Monday at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

"That man is a hero," said the kennel's co-owner, Karen Tracy. "My heart goes out to his family."

Genghis Khan was a grandson of Stewart's previous chow, Paw Paw, which died last April at age 12.

Stewart announced on her blog in December that she was adopting Genghis Khan, then 7 weeks old, calling him "very cute and square." She said she expected him to be "conquering his new territory in my home soon, with great charm and prowess. I'm also confident that Sharkey and Francesca (Stewart's French bulldogs) will be enamored with him."

It wasn't immediately clear how much time Genghis Khan had spent at Stewart's Westchester County, N.Y., estate.

Stewart also sent condolences to Tracy, who breeds and trains dogs that compete in shows throughout the country, including Westminster. Many of the dead dogs belonged to Tracy and her mother, Jean Ahner, who live on the property in Franklin Township, Carbon County, about 75 miles north of Philadelphia.

"My heart goes out to Karen Tracy and I am hoping for a speedy recovery for those (both pets and humans) injured in this terrible event," Stewart wrote.

Officials have said a spark or static electricity may have started the blaze, which remains under investigation but is considered accidental.

AmeriGas Propane Inc., which owned the truck that Kleinhagen was driving, has declined to comment.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Here in the picture above is my Papa, Enrico Monaco. A man that held our family together & kept us strong. Most of my childhood memories are from times at Nana & Papas house on Turkey Hill. From the rides in the bucket of his John Deer tracker around his four acres with cousins piled on top of each other yelling to lift the bucket "higher, Higher, HIGHER!" & up we went then to the endless summers we spent splashing in the lima bean in-ground pool & cannon balls off the diving board. My memories of him are still so fresh even after 18years. I still see him waiting for our big family dinners always seated at the head of the dinning room table with fork & knife in hand. Papa was also always seated there & ready to greet us by pinching our chubby cheeks with his fat Italian fingers followed by a tap across the face then healed with a kiss. I dreaded waiting in line for my hello, I always pushed Michael by brother to the front to go first. Today marks an unfortunate date in the calenders, the day he had to leave us. Although he is kept so close to us all in thoughts & prayers. oh how I miss those times & his laugh that came from the bottom of his gut! One day in great memory, I will pass his name onto my future son. Papa, may you continue to rest in peace.

(Photo above from Melissas wedding.)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

snow madness

Big storm rolling in tonight

March is coming in like a lion. A storm that could dump more than a foot of snow in parts of the region is bearing down on Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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