Tuesday, December 25, 2007


we love starfish all year round
our charlie brown christmas tree
my little collection of carolers

home made with love from crafty mom that added the special touch to our tree

Monday, December 24, 2007

mellow melody

your battlefield
susie suh

someday i will ask you if i was a disappointment
i will ask you if you put your heart and mine into a bad investment
you would tell me that are no guarantees
but you got solutions for security
and i will ask you
how about my dreams
but you say life is battle field
but you have given me yours
you say i have to fight
i have to keep moving on
someday i will ask myself if i was disillusioned
i will ask my self if i approve them
and i made it on my out on my own terms
yeah i may have suffered some burns
but i am living my dreams
and i am who i want to be
but you say life is battle field
but you have given me yours
you say i have to fight
i have to keep moving on
on this path that you've trailed
on the map that is yours
well i have to say...have to say
that i cant fight your word
stop by for a listen, trust me you'll return many times for more http://www.myspace.com/susiesuh

Saturday, December 22, 2007

fun & fanciful holiday

I feel so much better, today I got my blonde fix. I had my hair appointment and love having blonde highlights again! So I'll share my daily starbucks inspiration with you all, its christmas so starbucks has their christmas cups out "pass the cheer."

"Hold the door for somebody laden with packages. Serve hot choclate and coffee to passing carolers. Pay the toll for the car behind you. Or do something nice for somebody you don't even know. When you pass the cheer through little moments like this, you create warmth that outshines the brightest holiday lights."

Toodles! xoxo

Saturday, December 15, 2007

col charles scharf

I wanted to add this here from my myspace page, this means so much to me anyway.

So about ten years ago I went to D.C. with my family. I bought a pow/mia bracelet, I picked out a man who was in the USAF named Charles Scharf from California. I did a lot of research on him at the time, to find out his story. I've worn his bracelet everyday since. A couple weeks ago I was online and bored so I googled his name to see if anything would come up. Heres a man that has been missing for about 40years and to my surprise there were sooo many articles about him and how he has been returned home! I attached one article below about a ceremony held in DC where his wife spoke. I'm so happy for his family they are able to now rest knowing he is in a better place.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 21, 2007 – A veritable sea of colors paraded across a field outside the Pentagon today, and military leaders sported uniforms adorned with colored ribbons and shiny medals. A line of colorful flags loaded with kaleidoscopic streamers caught a gentle breeze as starched members of color guards in their best dress marked time against blue skies, and a high-hatted drum major led an Army band blowing and beating on polished instruments. Some military veterans sported scarlet hats, while others donned leather, but both were dotted with patches and pins. But in contrast to the colorful regalia, it was a lone black-and-white flag that had brought everyone together. For this annual commemoration, the servicemember-silhouetted POW/MIA flag took the position of honor to the right of the secretary of defense, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and a downed Air Force pilot's widow who had waited for the return of her husband's body for more than four decades. It was clear when she stood to take the podium, though, that Patricia Scharf was not in mourning. Dressed in red and sporting a red-rose corsage, she told a happy, homecoming story of love and hope. "Like me, many of you have waited and worked hard to learn more about the fate of your missing loved ones," she said. "My story is a personal one, and I don't share it often, but this is the right day." Scharf met her husband -- Col. Charles Scharf, whom she calls "Chuck" -- when she was 16. They married when she was 18. He later enlisted in the Air Force and became a pilot. He had two loves, Scharf said: her and the Air Force. In 1965 he was sent to Vietnam, she said. He was flying an F-4C Phantom II alongside another pilot when he was shot down. His plane crashed and burned in an isolated spot of North Vietnam. Scharf never remarried. She said the 13 years they had spent together was full of romance and passion, and that Chuck was the one, and only, love of her life. "Once you love somebody from the beginning who's good to you, you can't replace him," she said. "And I would have never done that until I knew absolutely he was gone." In his last conversation with Scharf, the pilot went over the couple's finances and then made one request. "Chances are I may get shot down. And if I do, I want you to remarry, because I don't want you to be alone," Scharf said. Still she doesn't consider the fact she never remarried as not complying with his last wishes. "I'm never alone. He's still alive inside of me. I can't find anybody like him ever," she said. After he never returned, Scharf began a 37-year career working at the Pentagon, first at a department store, and finally as a jeweler. Then, in 1990, Vietnamese officials identified a crash site with two graves. At the site they found the personal remains of Scharf's husband. There were more excavations of the site in 1993 and 2004, but officials could not make a match to his DNA. Officials asked if Scharf had anything that might contain his DNA that they could match with. Remarkably, it ended up being the love letters her husband had sent to her years earlier that Scharf had saved in a box for four decades. She sent 11 letters for the DNA experts to sample. They matched his DNA from bone fragments at the site to the saliva residue left on the envelopes and the stamps."It was time for him to come home," Scharf said. In November 2006, Scharf flew to Hawaii to meet the remains, and then buried him just a short distance from the Pentagon at Arlington National Cemetery. His remains were buried with his uniform, medals and a few love letters, she said. "I feel fabulous. I have a place to go now. I can go up any time I want. I know where he's at, and I know where I'm going," Scharf said. She plans to be buried next to him. Scharf said she visits the grave weekly. "He's the soulmate of my heart," she said. Scharf thanked officials at the annual ceremony for their hard work in bringing her husband home. "It was a miracle that brought Chuck back to his beloved country and to me. Mr. Secretary, my thanks to all the DoD agencies that worked together to bring my husband home," she said. Scharf compared the agencies to a close-knit flying unit like her husband's. "They may wear different uniforms, but they are all part of a military family. You all have sustained me, and others like me, and gave me closure and peace. To all of you I thank you for keeping the promise (of bringing my husband home)," she said.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

ho ho ho

Its a sunny winter morning & I'm trying to work up the motivation to clean and get the Christmas decor out...I should just go do it because that motivation will never come. This year I'm all about monogram, monogram, monogram...i can't shake it, its an obsession. So I was thinking for the tree this year I'd hang all monogram pearl letters of C & G (for cait and gregg) with simple white lights. Still thinking of an extra touch that it may need. Gregg's so not happy with that idea he loves to get all the mis match decorations that we've collected over the years and fill the tree. Once the tree is up and decorated ill post a picture and you'll see who wins! Well Christmas isn't going to be put on hold until the house is clean so you know how I'm spending my Saturday! be merry.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

homegoods junkie

today was a weird day. I was so tired all day that I felt confused? I've been not feeling well this week & can't wait for this cold to go away. I look how I feel right now...which isn't my best. started off my am with a mug from my first set of place settings from fishes eddy's (theme of set in photo) from mom and Nana...so cute but brought me sadness that its only the things from my Nana that I have left to remember. To continue my day I'll just let you know I'm totally hooked on home goods, tjs and sometimes marshalls only for the home decor finds. i got sucked into home goods today for hours, I thought that would make me feel better. I couldn't help but pick something up like every ten feet and think "my Nana would love this." I still haven't fully excepted that shes not here any more...I have but not in the way that I feel anything yet if that makes sense. I saw so so many Nana things today from soaps to china. so I left home goods with half my savings spent and feeling ...empty. then to go onto the next thing, sending my xmas cards out which was also kind of hard not to have one for her. ughh. this post isn't my proudest but I just had to say something! On the up the xmas cards we made came out so cute we put Jake and Henry's pic on the front. So everyone check your mailboxes & don't have a heart attack when you see that I'm on time with it this year! (so not me huh?) well this post is as scatter brained as I am today....I'll apologize now for it b/c I know I'll at least want to later. ciao

Sunday, December 2, 2007

martha love

Martha is my hero. i love all things Martha. i came across this on her show and must say I've seen a friends wedding album made from the Kodak photo book and it is amazing. i look forward to making my own soon!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

secrets & gossip lol

ha! I'm so not a fan of something right now & don't know how to express it, i just want to laugh i guess. laughing is the best cure. this person is like a cat trying to mark her spot when no one really cares, you can totally tell shes all about herself too. i have that feeling of almost being embarrassed for her, you know...like when someone has no clue that the people they are talking to really are just smiling and nodding to be nice because they just told you a story or something about how they don't care for that person in the least. oh well i guess you have to find the humor in everything. poor girl!