Thursday, February 28, 2008

spring fever

I love the blue skies & the sound of the birds above in the trees. Monday the sky was clear and the chill in the air was gone.
I thought for sure spring was on its way and we had seen all that winter had to offer. It was all just of a taste of whats in store to come. Just a tease, all the birds have flown back for shelter. The air is crisp and there are flurries outside the window now.

I love winter but can not wait to say, so long to this season.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

make up table

Table top Tuesday has been gone for awhile, I've just been bored with it. So if i remember I'll today! I'm only doing this b/c its raining & I'm killing time. Anyway I did want to talk about make up. My cousin Melissa got me hooked on Bare Minerals. It is probably the greatest make up I've ever tried. Trust me I've been through them all at the Macys dept store, I was a looong time Chanel wearer and swore I'd never switch....Well since New Years I've been wearing Bare Minerals and its like a total skin make over. Its so worth the switch check it out --

Monday, February 25, 2008

bean town

watch for yours truly, tomorrow at 7:30pm! Gregg & I are 10th row behind the goal. We both will be wearing cute matching bruins jerseys of course! Bruins vs Ottawa Senators 2/26/08 7:30pm espn.

♥save the date♥

April 26th 2008
We will cheer with love & joy for Mr. and Mrs. Robinson

Upon the Odyssey, Boston Massachusetts

I've been honored to be apart of their very special journey as a bridesmaid ♥

Only 61 more days to go. Cheers to Melissa & Jayson!
with love cmm ♥

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

paris <3

I came across a gossip page that was bashing Paris for having too many dogs. I love Paris and I'll always defend her for I did wear a "free paris t-shirt" during her jail sentence. But this i don't know about lol watch..shes so blonde sometimes. I thought two was enough...even tho the temptation is always there for more -- but 17??

three little munchkins