Sunday, July 27, 2008

plum island

Spent the past two days out on the plum. I'm so burnt and Gregg's feet are wicked swollen from his burns...we're such dorks, more sunscreen next time for sure! We got away from life here and the two crazy boys, to be joined with friends and family for some good food, wine and laughs....oh and of course the beach! We filled our days with biking around the island, kayaking out to the sandbars (where i found really cool shells!), and soaking up the rays. We sat out on the sandbar for awhile, watching skydivers jump from their plane to land on the beach below. Ate at one of the TWO restaurants on the island for breakfast, Mad Martha's...good french toast with strawberries and fun people! Then this little muppet above followed us where ever we went & we did encouraged it for she is the mother of our two boys, weird to say but true! Well we've def found our second home up on the north shore, thanks to mom & dads relocation. We can't wait to spend more time up there this summer!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008