Thursday, January 29, 2009

sweet 16

from kindergarten, third grade, fifth grade and beyond to now, HAPPY BDAY BABY BROTHER!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

photohunt 146: chipped

chipped lion, taken from a pathway to my moms garden last summer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

special delivery

It's true Robinson household. The Christmas gifts were mailed! Late buttttt it will fill the time between now & the next big holiday. MELISSA'S BDAY!! So Merrrry Merrrry Christmas Robinson's, you're going to laugh so hard at the variety of junk you open. Esp the thing hiding under this particular wrapping! Oh I can't wait to hear about it.

Now don't you love the way I used one of my wine cork's as a gift tag? The R cork worked so so perfectly & so did the antique safety pin I had kicking around here. Hope you enjoy it all!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Way I See It #17

The world burts at the seams

with people ready to tell you you're

not good enough. On occasion,

some may be correct. But do not do

their work for them. Seek any job;

ask anyone out; pursue any goal.

Don't take it personally when they

say "no" - they may not be

smart enough to say "yes."

-- Keith Olbermann

Broadcast journalist and host
of MSNBC's Countdown
with Keith Olbermann.

Monday, January 12, 2009

p.s. i love you

I miss my love note stickys in the a.m., ugh waking up alone doesn't get any easier as time goes on.

the city

Otis loves watching t.v., hes always in my way. Well The City is on tonight, new episode it's on MTV 10pm! You know where Otis & I will be. I think he has a crush on Whitney...Jay better watch out.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


A snowy cold Sunday finds us snowbound. Theres only so much cleaning & laundry I can stand in one day, so with that I decide to sit and snuggle up on the couch with a movie. A movie that brought me to tears throughout its in entirety and not only did I know my upset feeling from just 12 hours before... I decide to watch it again. The drop of my stomach and welling of my tears reminded me right away. so I then stopped, asking why do I torture myself? The movie was wonderful the first time. But all the feelings, I could relate all too much to the story line.. I almost had to see again if I could still feel it a second time around, and yes there it was. So today I find myself missing someone terribly. I can't shake it. I even feel like the farm senses my emotions too & maybe they've felt it this whole time. I wonder if men miss us the way we miss them?

Friday, January 9, 2009

dans le progrès

Under Construction... Be back soonish...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

# 293

The Way I See It #293

The way I see it

Isn't necessarily

The way you see it

Or the way it is

Or ought to be

What's more important

Is that we're all

Looking for it

And a way to see it

--Desi Di nardo

Author and poet

She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year

So this year so far....well its only day three, finds me in a much different place than last. I no longer sit upstairs in my cozy little office of my what was cute little antique cape to blog. I'm struggling on finding my new space here now & to create the same crafty-ness or -less that space gave me? I am now in a wide open room, high ceilings (unlike my cape with low slanted roof lines) and at that I am in the nook of my kitchen? No longer its own crafty room now just shared kit space. I will make due for I love my new 1770's home. None the less I live in a Green & Purple house, who would have ever thought.... bc I hate purple for those who don't know. This big ol colonial is green with all the doors painted a lovely purple, and I actually find it charming!

Side view from the driveway...the dogs have enjoyed all the snow we've been so lucky to get. This house has its own unique features like our drive way that has old graves along it. I now live on/next to the oldest-first cemetery in Newbury/Newburyport and the big old first church across the way...and the church bells go off every Sunday bright and early for about an hour...not pretty chimes just one boring dull ding over and over....all just lovely I swear it. The picture below is from my barn in the driveway. Is it bad that the dogs want so badly to pee on those stones? Its a daily struggle. WAIT now that I think of it, it cant be that bad... I know this guy who once peed in public on a famous rock down ....... harbor! He wouldn't have done anything like that if it were against rules and regulations, this sorta thing must be ok. jk. you know who you are though ;)

OK so to start from the top. I'm just a girl who for the past seven years has loved a boy but was feeling it was now time to beep or get off the pot. And many other reasons that came into play but remain a secret for he will always be a dear dear friend who I adore. Bottom line we sadly didn't make it to where our dreams had wanted to go. So now I'm just a girl who lives on her own in the big world with all new exciting journeys ahead. I Have moved up north away from everything that was familiar to me. I have left my work place behind which had its pros and cons but overall I truly enjoyed. I gave up my cute little home which was so fun and cozy. It was a bitter sweet goodbye to everything and everyone. I was surprised with a lovely last day at work full of cakes, flowers and goodies! I totally cried like a baby the day we packed everything in the moving truck and watched our house get smaller and smaller through the rear view mirror.

All this change has been very hard and has opened my eyes to all that I can do better. Especially with a whole new year and resolutions. I am continuing to grow and get settled in my new surroundings and will of course be back to fill you all in that I have left behind. I do want to leave the blog today with this last photo. Our first week here in the house with my new sofa and chair (which the animals are not allowed on) I caught this moment one night sneaking to check in on the farm. RDL this is the pic you've been waiting for haha. They all waited until I went to bed to try out the new chair!

Happy New Year!!! Love Cait, Henry, Otis, Jake & Oscar!