Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm sucker for a great entry area / mudroom, its my fav and a must have for sure. These are some very inspirational ideas that I heart! My own personal touches:
  • I most always have an oriental rug
  • My coat stand (like the green one above) 
  • A bin for umbrella's & yard sticks (why yard sticks? lol I just love them)
  • Nice chair or bench to sit while you put boots on etc (I used an ottoman once that was cute too) Don't forget a deco pillow for your seating area.
  • Antique hooks hung on the wall - I'm thinking I want to paint mine a fun color this year 
  • Metal bins for mittens - hats and dog accessories 
  • & the MUST HAVE a small table (I use an antique sewing table) or sofa table with a cute bowl for keys, magazine bin and some tid bits for decoration.

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coat stand said...

What a cool house that you are staying in, never seen one like it. Have fun